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Why put your business at risk, when security systems are so affordable?

Business owners have much more to worry about than dealing with the aftermath of a B & E (Break & Enter). The black market demand for computer equipment, software, telephone systems, tools, etc. has never been greater, and in many business areas the crime rate has reached near epidemic proportions. In addition, owners and managers must give consideration to reducing internal theft and inventory shrinkage cause by employees and customers.

One sure-fire way of reducing property loss is to install a monitored alarm system. By covering doors and windows with sensors and posting clearly visible security "warning decals" you will greatly reduce the chances of a break in. In fact, a business is 40 times less likely to be broken into once an alarm is installed according to the latest Metropolitan Police statistics available. Insurance companies also realize the benefit, and typically offer a discount to any business that takes precautionary steps towards loss prevention. Insures are aware that a business with an alarm, if broken into, will have substantially less property stolen, about 1/5th the value compared to a business that has no security system at all. To obtain your discount, insurers often insist on seeing a certificate of installation as proof.

Other excellent loss prevention tools include; installing closed-circuit television cameras to cover point of sales transactions, stock shelves, and exit doors installing a card access control system to monitor and restrict movement of people and employees within the organization.

Every day at AmanCom, we implement security strategies that protect and save our customers a considerable amount of money. Our knowledgeable staff of security advisors has custom designed thousands of burglar alarm and surveillance systems for businesses in the greater Toronto area. We take great pride in the fact that any one of our customers can be used as a reference and half of our new business comes via referrals from our existing customers. We have a package to suit any budget starting with our basic Free Alarm Installation, where you pay only a low monthly monitoring fee or we can graduate you to a more elaborate "high risk" setup.

We hope that you decide to invest in some peace of mind or at least explore some of your security options. Please don't hesitate to make a no-obligation call to our office.

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