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One of the best features of the security system is the ease of use. A simple four digit code that you pick will give you the ability to turn the system on and off. The system has quick arm features to either set the system for "stay" to allow you to set the system for you to stay in your home. You can also set this system for "away" when you are leaving you home.

Police , fire, and medical emergency buttons are monitored by the AmanCom's Command Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Daily operation of the alarm the setting and turning off is done by you leaving the Command center independent of those functions.

In the event of an event such as intrusion, fire, or medical emergency a high decibel siren is triggered to signal everyone around the dwelling.

After the siren is activated the communicator contacts the AmanCom Command Center with the vital information of the alarm. This could include the type of event, the entry point of the burglary, name ,address, phone number, directions ,and special instructions such as an elderly parent or presence of a pet.

The representative then will contact the proper authority and dispatch them to your location. Once that is completed they will then try to contact emergency contact numbers that you provide.

Equipment Descriptions

The equipment listed below are examples of the equipment used to help protect homes and families. The actual equipment installed may vary from the pictures below. The function would remain the same.

Touchpad (keypad)

The touchpad is the point of operation for the system. It is easy to use and is equipped with panic buttons for police, fire, and medical emergencies. Once hit they will dispatch the proper service to your location. Equipped with a chime feature to alert you if someone has entered even when the system is deactivated. The touchpad is modern looking with a sleek door and backlight for operation in the dark.

Door Contacts

Magnetic contacts placed either in door frames or surface mounted to the door. When they are separated or triggered they send the signal to the panel that they are opened.

Passive Infrared Motion Detector

Designed to detect movement and heat in your home. In the event an intruder enters through a window by either lifting the window or breaking the glass the motion would pick up movement in the home. Thus protecting the interior of the dwelling. It may also be used in the presence of family pets.

Glass Break Detector

The instant glass is broken within the coverage area this sensor activates the security system and alerts the authorities of an intrusion.

Smoke Detector

The most important addition you can add to your security system. Helps protect property, but more importantly helps save lives. Alerts you in the event of fire and also alerts the fire authorities even if you are not home. This feature cannot be turned off as long as alarm is operational. This is a definite if you have pets or collectibles.

Keyfob Remote

Gives you the ability to operate the security system with simple one button ease. Perfect for homes with elderly parents or if you want to be able to turn your system on from outside as you enter or exit the property. This is totally portable and can easily be attached to your everyday keyring. 
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