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AmanCom carries a complete line of Residential Alarm products that are monitored to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure. These state of the art alarm products have the power to protect you and your home.

Whether you are at home or away you will be able to activate your alarm system. Using the 'stay' button feature on your keypad you can activate all perimeter devices such as windows and doors while having internal devices such as motion sensors turned off or temporarily bypassed. This will give you the flexibility to walk freely within the house without having to worry that the alarm will go off. If an intrusion is detected, our 24 hour monitoring station will be notified. Your premise will be quickly called to verify the alarm, if there is no answer, or help is requested, the police or guard authorities will be immediately dispatched to your premise. You can take great comfort in knowing that you will be alerted immediately of any possible entry into your home, especially if you are asleep!

All of AmanCom's residential alarm systems come equipped with a line tamper feature. If the phone line is cut, the siren will sound to alert the homeowner and neighbors. For your free no obligation consultation and estimate contact us today.

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